Shame of fake EU climate change “aid” to Third World

Global Warming, or more fashionable, Climate Change is a fantastic tool to create new markets for EU products Africa does not need but is forced to use.

Original post from the The Commentator website:

It is quite staggering that the EU is “helping” poverty stricken countries in Africa by pumping taxpayers’ money into, wait for it, “green energy”. The figures have to be seen to be believed

How Europe underdeveloped AfricaLast week the European Union announced it was giving €499 million in aid to one of Africa’s poorest countries, the Republic of Benin. With 40 percent of the population living below the poverty line, 65 percent lacking access to clean drinking water, and one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, there are few countries more deserving of our help.

Unfortunately for Benin, the EU is ignoring these issues completely and spending the overwhelming majority of the grant on green energy.

Of the €499 million, €450 million will be spent on “promoting renewable energies and energy efficiency” over the next seven years. Despite the staggeringly short supply of clean drinking water in Benin, a mere €19 million is being spent on improving drinking water. Clearly the bureaucrats of Brussels are more concerned with fighting climate change than they are ending poverty.

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