Latest Headlines and Papers October 2013

Energy & Economy:

German SPD urges quick action to rein in rising energy costs (Oct 18 2013 – Reuters)

‘The renewable energy law (EEG) was a wonderful law when we wanted to support new technologies to make them competitive. Today, in its current form, it is the biggest obstacle for the energy shift.’

Clean Energy Investment Headed for Second Annual Decline (Oct 14 2013 – Bloomberg)

Clean-energy investment fell 14 percent in the third quarter from the prior three months as Europe curbed subsidies and cheaper U.S. natural gas lured investment.

Europe Risks Energy Crisis From Green Subsidies, CEOs Say (Oct 11, 2013 – Bloomberg)

The heads of 10 of Europe’s biggest utilities called on the European Union to overhaul its energy and climate policies and curb “Robin Hood” subsidies that sap the region’s competitiveness.

Utilities call for end of renewable subsidies (14 October 2013 – World Nuclear News)

The heads of ten European utilities have called for an end to subsidies on wind and solar energy in order to rectify shortcomings in current EU energy policy.

Dismantling the West’s Energy-Climate Paradigm (October 16 2013- Energy Tribune)

“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”

The New Dark Continent (Oct. 16 2013 – The Wall Street Journal)
Wind and solar mandates are breaking Europe’s electric utilities.

The European continent is much closer than the U.S. to realizing its dream of replacing carbon energy sources with wind and solar, and the dream is starting to look like a nightmare.

EU policy on climate change is right even if science was wrong, says commissioner  ( September 2013 Telegraph)

Regardless of whether or not scientists are wrong on global warming, the European Union is pursuing the correct energy policies even if they lead to higher prices, Europe’s climate commissioner has said.


2013: a year with minimal extreme weather events in the us (the si weather)

There have been many forecasts in the news in recent years predicting more and more extreme weather-related events in the US, but for 2013 that prediction has been way off the mark.


Los Angeles Times endorses censorship with ban on letters from climate skeptics (October 18, 2013 – Fox News)

Censorship of skeptic global warming views by the press has been going on for many years. This week, Paul Thornton, letters editor for the Los Angeles Times announced the paper will “no longer publish letters from climate change deniers,”

Should newspapers ban letters from climate science deniers? (16 October 2013 – The Guardian)

The LA Times decides not to print letters from readers claiming there’s no evidence for human-caused climate change

Publications (pdf):

Papers (pdf):

  •  Report: Making Energy Access Meaningful:  What does the International Energy Agency (IEA) means with ‘Acces to Energy’.  And The United Nations with the phrase “Sustainable Energy for All”. The world’s poor need more than a token supply of electricity. The goal should be to provide the power necessary to boost productivity and raise living standards: Making Energy Acces Meaningfull.pdf
  • Discussion on climate oscillations: CMIP5 general circulation models  versus a semi-empirical harmonic model based on astronomical cycles : EARTH_1890.pdf
  • Global Climate Models and Their Limitations: Chapter-1-Models.pdf
  • Assessing Wind Power Costs Estimates:  Giberson-study-Final.pdf
  • Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic: ‘The Climate Change Doctrine is Part of Environmentalism, Not of Science’:  klaus_lecture.pdf