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Welcome to The Society for Wind Vigilance

The Society for Wind Vigilance is an international federation of physicians, engineers and other professionals promoting the development of authoritative international wind turbine guidelines to protect the health and safety of communities. The mission of The Society for Wind Vigilance is to mitigate the risk of both physiological and psychological adverse heath effects through the advancement of independent third party research and its application to the siting of industrial wind turbines.

Currently there are no authoritative international guidelines for the siting of industrial wind turbines. Globally industrial wind turbine facilities are being erected at a record pace and are increasingly being sited close to human populations. Noise and setback requirements vary widely by jurisdiction. As a result there are some individuals reporting adverse health effects from exposure to industrial turbine facilities. In some cases families have had to abandon their homes to protect health.

The Society for Wind Vigilance is a volunteer-based federation which leads in education on the adverse health effects of human exposure to wind turbines.

Our goal is to disseminate facts and references regarding industrial wind turbines and wind developments which are vetted by appropriate experts and external referees. The material will appear on The Society provides Internet communication on matters which include existing and emerging science related to wind energy and related health effects in order to contribute to:

  • Public education
  • Education of health care professionals and others
  • Advancement of unbiased research and its application including third party health studies
  • Ongoing vigilance and surveillance
  • Policy decisions based on best available science and research
  • Establish authoritative regulations designed to protect human health
March 7, 2012
The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society publishes second special issue on the impacts of wind turbines on communities.

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