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Save The Eagles International is a platform regrouping bird lovers and ornithologists from 11 different countries, who think that we cannot count on mainstream ornithologists and bird societies to save bird life from the windfarm threat. These derive much of their income from the windfarm business, and that creates a powerful conflict of interest that clouds their vision and corrupts their conscience.

save the eagles international

Our bird life has thus become defenseless in front of windfarms, which kill about 8 million birds a year while their power lines may be killing twice as much.

These victims are not comparable to those killed by cats and windows, for windfarms are often built in remote places, in wilderness areas. This is where they do most damage to biodiversity, killing eagles, cranes, storks and other birds of protected or endangered species.

There was therefore a need for a new organization, one that would defend the birds (and the bats) instead of defending the interests of windfarm promoters as most ecologists do. This organization is Save the Eagles International (STEI).

About STEI´s president, Mark Duchamp:

- Academic Support to Mark Duchamp (2010)

- Peer review (2004) of Mark Duchamp´s first significant paper (2003)

- Article in The Telegraph (2010)

- International Symposium on the Red Kite (2009)

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  1. I’m an artist.. 30 years painting SA landscapes and an avid birdwatcher. Can these turbines not be fitted with a protective net. allowing free flow of air but protecting birds and bats..

    paul munro
    August 17, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    • Hi Paul

      Bird friendly wind turbines do exist. Just google or search youtube on that keyword. They are mostly with vertical axis but can be horizontal as well. The problem is the wind industry has invested billions of euros in the 3 blade turbine model that needs to be mass produced to bring down the production costs and still is not weaned from state subsidies. Also these models are more than 20 years in use, bankable and insurance companies know the risks. That cannot be said of the bird friendly wind turbines. Placing a protection net over an area with a diameter of 120m (+-2MW model) to even 160m (8/10MW models) is not a simple task considering the enormous forces that play on the construction. Also a net will disturb the airflow and reduce the output capacity even more.

      But even with the use of bird friendly turbines, habitat loss can still play a major factor for certain species since wind farms cover such vast amount of land. Also to connect these wind farms to the grid by adding nationwide hundreds of kilometres overhead power lines is another serious threat to many already vulnerable bird species.

      And last, more than 20 years of wind energy experiment in the EU shows that wind is not an economic and environmental sustainable solution to cut CO2 emissions or to become energy ‘independent’ or energy ‘secure’ , as long there is no economic solution to store energy produced by the wind farms.

      The wind energy ‘solution’ is an illusionary remedy that kills the patient and will hurt our economy the same way as it does the European economy at the moment.

      We have to put pressure on government that wind farms will get prosecuted for bird and bat kills. South Africa has world class environmental regulations and the green energy lobby makes a mockery out of it. In the US the federal government has never fined or prosecuted a wind farm owner for violating federal law by killing endangered and protected birds or bats. The US government has clearly indicated the industry has a free pass to kill birds and bats. The same practices happen in Europe. Since bird/bats kills are very difficult to monitor due to many factors and as long as the wind industry can play the ‘green’ card, it will be an immense task for us, South Africans to save our precious bird and bat species from being slaughtered into extinction.

      August 20, 2013 at 9:45 am

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