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Industrial Wind Action is dedicated to providing information on industrial wind energy to enable communities and government officials to make informed decisions.


This site,, is updated daily with the latest IWA announcements, news articles, and fact-based documents pertaining to wind energy development. To keep current, visit us often, and/or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

About Industrial Wind Action Group

Industrial Wind Action was formed to counteract the misleading information promulgated by the wind energy industry and various environmental groups. Support for this effort comes from a large and diversified group of environmentalists, energy experts, and ordinary citizens.

The rapid growth of industrial wind energy has been fostered by federal and state policies that, while well intentioned, fail to reflect wind energy’s limitations as an energy source, its ineffectiveness in reducing emissions, and its impacts on our environment, economy and quality of life.

Industrial Wind Action stands ready to assist communities threatened with industrial wind energy projects by providing residents, as well as government officials, the information to make informed decisions.

Industrial Wind Action (IWA) Group:

  • Exposes the impacts of industrial wind energy on our environment, economy and quality of life through fact-based analyses;
  • Assists communities threatened with unwanted industrialization;
  • Advises officials at the federal, state and local levels regarding wind energy policy to counteract misleading information from the wind energy industry and some environmental groups.

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